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Short-story winner:  "A New Life"

Congratulations to Heather Russell, whose moving story took the top spot in our latest short-story competition. And to the runners up - in alphabetical order - Dorothy Cox and Ellen Evers.

Read all their winning entries here.

Each entry included - as requested and in various ways - red nail polish, a chestnut tree, and a pathway - and we left the interpretation of the latter up to the writers. The result was a terrific selection of creative stories. We appreciate all the work and careful craft that has gone into each entry and thank all who took the time to enter.

For more details and the full shortlist and longlist Click here.

£1 from each entry fee is sent to Children in Crisis - the literacy charity, to go towards their brilliant work in Africa and Afghanistan.


That may seem a strange thing for a writing company to say to writers, but we often tell our clients to step away from their work every now and then. It's important. Time-out gives the subconscious space to work its magic.
So we followed our own advice, and took a sabbatical.

What did we do in our time away? What did we get done?

We sat in the sun a bit, we thought up a new writing competition ("Time Travel" - coming soon) and jotted down notes for future stories. We felt guilty about not getting on with our tax return.

And we made a big decision ... to add a new service to our portfolio:


We'll write web content, press releases, ads, advertorial, or good old-fashioned brochures that you can hold in your hand and read and pop in a drawer for when you need them later. We'll write almost anything, for almost any type of business. More on this later.

Of course, we still offer:


Watch out for our Time Travel competition. You can write about the future or the past, or another traveller coming into your present - there's a whole universe to explore! The deadline will be next year, so plenty of time to think. Prizes: £100 cash; Champagne; free critique. Details coming soon ...


Send us up to 1,000 words of your work and WriteStars will send you a list of 10 ways you can improve your writing. We'll point out the good bits too! £2.50 from every fee goes to the literacy charity Children in Crisis.

CONTACT US: info@writestars.co.uk