We’re writing a short story in just 15 mins a day … live!

From Rachel, managing editor at WriteStars …

Procrastination is the thief of time they say, and we think it’s definitely the thief of writing too. It’s amazing how attractive cleaning the kitchen floor or reorganising all the bookshelves becomes when there’s a blank screen beckoning …

So we’ve been trying to think of a way to get down to write – without that painful internal battle that afflicts almost all writers at some time. Maybe by tricking our minds into thinking it won’t be much of an effort? There’s an American site, Flylady, which tells you how to declutter your house and keep it clear (a great site, we love it!), and they say – clear things in baby steps, just 15 minutes at a time – set the alarm and stop when it goes off. So we’re going to take this formula and apply it to writing. How much writing can you do in 15 minutes? I’m going to find out!

I’ll be writing a short story, 15 minutes a day, aiming to complete it by the end of April. Our short-story expert, Sue Moorcroft, will critique the story at the end, and we’ll send it off to a popular short-story magazine and see what they say.

My background? I’m a journalist, a sub editor, and have never written a short story before except one failed competition entry and several false starts more than 10 years ago, so I’m a fiction newbie, too. I did attend Sue Moorcroft’s short-story workshop in January, and came away with the idea for the story I’ll be writing. I had intended to write it up straightaway, but once again stuff got in the way. So if I pledge to write it, 15 minutes a day, maybe it will actually get done – and the kitchen floor will have to wait!

You’ll find the story – 15 minutes’ writing at a time – in our guest blog, starting this evening.

All comments welcome – good and bad!

Wish me luck!


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