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Romantic Fiction

Mellie looked up from her laptop in despair. Her coffee was cold, and so was any hint of inspiration. Bringing her work to a café had seemed like a good idea, but the cursor still sat there, blinking, on a blank white screen. Or was it winking? Mocking her for her complete failure to begin her novel? Or for writing the opening paragraph 37 times (she’d counted) and deleting each and every one?”

At this point, our hero walks in, takes the only spare seat in the café (at Mellie’s table) and bowls her over with his wit, charm and gorgeousness. He happens to be a famous author and Mellie’s writer’s block magically vanishes. They fall in love and travel the world, writing best-sellers as they go.

Oh, if only ...

We can’t promise we’ll be gorgeous, but our editors and mentors can help you write beautiful love stories with all the page-turning, heart-stopping thrills of will they, won’t they ...

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