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A 'brilliant' weekend retreat for writers

Nestled in the Wellsh hills, Fron Goch - Red Hill - is just a train journey from King's Cross, and a million miles away from busy city lives.

The cottage and its converted barn offer the peace to concentrate on your writing, as well as company, when you want it, with like-minded writers.

Emma Rae, the owner of the cottage, will be there to take care of all cooking and housekeeping. A resident writer/author/mentor will also be on hand.

You'll have time to relax and breathe new life into your work, and there's something about being outside your normal life that clears the mental space everyone needs to think clearly, and to create.

This is what four writers who came on owner Emma's pilot weekend said about their time at Fron Goch:

"Being at Fron Goch was like being in a bubble, far away from bustling everyday life. It was so peaceful I could hear a sheep cough on the hillside. Nothing was too much trouble for Emma - she happily catered for everyone's needs. I felt incredibly well looked after. Dinners by the open fire in the cosy centuries-old dining room were the highlight for me."


"Quiet, comfortable privacy in rooms with views of trees and hills. Communal rooms to stretch in when you're getting cabin fever, and enough of them so you can find company without crowds. A lovely atmosphere. I got a lot done!"


"I arrived at Fron Goch thinking I might be done with writing. After numerous rejections I wanted to lick my wounds in peace. Instead, in the silence of the place I found that I still had more I wanted to say. Thank you Emma for providing that calm room and big desk on which I wrote the first pages of my new novel. Oh, and the convivial dinner table was a lovely bonus!"


"My weekend at Fron Goch was extraordinary. Something magical and transformative happens when you find yourself in a place so beautiful and ancient, so pulsing with memory and life. The silence enveloped me and I felt myself dropping, deeper and deeper within myself, and then I wrote. I wrote all day. It was such a treat to work uninterrupted, without having to think about housework, shopping, cooking or washing up. It's amaziing how much you can get written when you have absolutely no excuses.

I was at this writing-retreat weekend with four other lovely writers; it was a real pleasure getting to know them and having lots of very interesting conversations about writing, as well as sharing experiences about agents and publishers.

Emma took such good care of us all – from sorting out transport from the station, providing us with warm rooms and comfy desks, to spoiling us wiih wonderful, delicious meals, and great puddings. I got lots written, made some new writing friends and basked in the glory of the Welsh countryside. A brilliant weekend!"


Would you like to join Emma, a resident mentor and a group of friendly fellow writers for a weekend at Fron Goch?

Please call us on 020 3078 7825 or email at writestars.co.uk.